I'm Carla Arena, a Brazilian EFL teacher, explorer of the potential of technology integration into language learning. I started to dig into the possibilities of tech-applications some years ago and have been going on new cyber-journeys with my students and my fellow co-workers ever since. I am a teacher, teacher trainer, Educational Technology Supervisor and eLearning facilitator at a Binational Center in Brasilia, Casa Thomas Jefferson. I am a blogging fan (or addict!) and enthusiastic Webhead. Twitter keeps me updated and connected.

New and emergent technologies keep me going further and perceiving the world in different ways, with different colors, shapes, voices. They give me support to take my students along. They teach me that there's no limit for connectivity. English, then, is the means to decode the messages and that's what I try to show to my learners.

I also feel lucky to have the chance to work with so many wonderful educators willing to take a step forward, so part of my job is to help them become fluent in their digital competencies to help their learners become full-fledged 21st century world citizens.

For more on projects, presentations, teaching/learning resources, access BrazilBridges.


My personal views of a Brazilian in Key West for two years, I reported at http://brazilnaskeywest.wordpress.com


My Life
When I'm not in the professional spectrum, I'm with my family, having fun with my two little boys and my husband. I love to travel, read, take photos, meet people, have fun with friends, listen to music, sing for fun, cook, and invent different kinds of activities against boredom.

Current Projects

Contributor at PocketCultures
It is exciting to be part of a multicultural group of bloggers spread out around the world, raising awareness about their own cultures or about the cultures they are part of as expats.
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