Sunday, December 14, 2008


Durff challenges us.


I've been doing exactly that for the past weeks. In fact, I've been discussing exactly that with a group of educators at

It's just great that Durff asked, for I've been thinking ahead and looking for ways to simplify things, but in order to have a clear view of what's for us in the near and not so near future, we need to evaluate what we've been learning.

What I've learned this year?

  • The importance of deepening our connections in order to add value to our networks and gain from them.
  • The value of e-learning is truly in the human interactions and collective construction of meaning
  • My essential need of learning, being a lifelong learner
  • The rediscovered pleasure of reading and sharing with others what I'm reading about
  • The power Twitter holds for me as a connector
  • Online Social bookmarking with Diigo
  • My need to get deeper into studies about Communities, networking
  • It is OK to say no for the sake of your own mental health
  • My risen interest in mobile learning

What's up for the near future?

  • Keep exploring ways to engage learners in an elearning context
  • See possibilities for teacher engagement at my school in the ed tech world
  • Moving back to Brazil certainly means changes in terms of routine and new professional challenges
  • More learning. Maybe Master's? Who knows?
And the wheel keeps spinning and I want to keep adding value to my network and receiving from it.

Thanks, Durff, for starting this networkchallenge.

What are your plans for 2009?


  1. Oi Carla

    Por outras vias andei fazendo a mesma coisa.

    Quem sabepodemos engajar o pessoal do edublogosfera para seguir a reflexão?


  2. Querida Suzana,

    Acho uma ótima idéia! Quem sabe se colocássemos uma tag em português e convidássemos cada um para fazer uma reflexão e blogar com essa tag, tipo edublogosfera2009, por exemplo? Seria ótimo!


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