Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Redesigning your New Year: 2014 in One Word

We always start a new year with the idea of something new, different, an optimistic perspective that we set to make our lives more meaningful, significant. It is a time to review and set new goals, or revisit the ones we insist to add to our to-do list for our own despair. When we put the last year into perspective and welcome the year ahead, though with this optimistic vibe, we still get the feeling of frustration for not having accomplished everything we've decided to embrace. Let's reconsider all that. Don't think 2014 as the new year, but the continuity of what is still there to be accomplished, the lines that are yet to be written. No to-do lists, just one word as proposed in the Leadership freak blog
One Word is a focal point that gives direction and purpose to what I do. It’s not a have-to. It’s a want-to. It’s already surprising me.
Let's choose just one word that will help us move forward, being the focus of our year. I invite you all to try it and start your own micro-revolution with the simple direction that one word can provide us.

 Here's the deal to reframe and redesign your 2014:

 Close your eyes and think of 2014.
What word comes to your mind?
Write it down, take a photo, make a drawing, make it visible to you in some way.
Now, create your motto of the year with this word.
Revisit your word and motto throughout the year and transform them into action, even if it is just one, a powerful one!
Share your word around. It can be here, or in any social media. It will make you accountable and you will involve your own network in your 2014 .

 My word of the year is one related to evolvement, development, growth, change, expansion in many dimensions of my life. Let's see where this word will lead me!
My motto, "Evolution as a personal revolution".

So, what's your word and motto for 2014?


  1. I do this in September. :) Mine this year is 'evolve teaching' with the first four letters of evol backwards being 'love'.

    1. I think we are in the same wavelength, Tyson. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. My word will be "Tolerance" in general.

    1. Tolerance is great as a choice, Cleidoca, and it reminds us of the need for flexibility and divergence.

  3. Mine is action. Act on learning to become a better professional, act to keep developing myself both personally and professionaly, act on making small but significant changes, act on simply being me! :)

    1. Loved it, Just! Just in Action! Worth a t-shirt.

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