Friday, December 5, 2008

Moving Physically and Digitally

I'm moving. Physically and digitally.

I'll be back home to Brazil soon. I thought. This is an opportunity for reshaping, resizing things in my life. Here's the plan. I'll make the change not just physically, but also digitally with one single motto. Simplicity.


Though I love my Explorations blog, and could still write stuff there, it takes me a great deal of effort to blog there because of bugs, layout that doesn't follow my commands... I'm never satisfied. I have the great support of the guy behind Bloxi, Gary, and I've been faithful, loyal to him for his invaluable and prompt help. However, at this point, I need to be realistic with myself.

My life will change drastically when I go back to Brazil in terms of schedules, free time to blog and do other stuff that I love. So, simplicity and quality of life are key.

That's why I'm starting this new blog, fresh, blank, simple, from the beginning again. I have no idea where it will take me, but that's what I want now. Simplicity, quality of life, meaningful connections with myself and others. Moving back home and forward, physically, mentally and digitally.

How about you? What do you want for 2009?


  1. Welcome to your new home Carla! I'm looking forward to your thoughts, discoveries, opinions and inspiration that I've always found whenever I've passed by your old home.

    Hope that your move to Blogger and your move back to Brazil bring you even more zest for life than you have already :)


  2. Thanks, Seth! I'd say that moving always brings mixed feelings, but it's high time I put into action simplicity. I love blogging at my Explorations hub, but it's giving me a hard time, and what really matters is the conversations, what we have to say. For that, we need the tech part to be almost invisible, adjustable, simple to manage. So, here I go!

    Can't wait to see what these changes will bring up. Hoping more zest for life, for sure!

  3. Dear Carla,
    Simplicity is such a nice name.Welcome to your new home. I loved you bloxi blog. It has always looked superb and you have always explored amazing ideas there.
    For 2009, I want to work on my teaching skills and to learn a bit more about the web. I am taking a course on webdesigning in SENAI at the beginning of the year. I think it will be a good start. I want to recyclethe old things and learn and teach new things.

  4. Dear José,

    Thanks for your kind words! Look, I'll still be writing and that's why I decided to make the move, to make it simpler for me to keep doing what I love, sharing, connecting, talking to others. This will be, in your own words, a recycled blog, one that reflects change and will continue to be the expression of my beliefs and ideas.

    Please, add this feed to your reader for us to keep talking and interacting.

    I'm eager to see the well designed changes to come on your own place. I'm sure I'll have lots to learn with you as it is an area which I wish I had more time to explore.

  5. Hi Carla!

    I'm not a blogger, I'm starting that path and so far I'm enjoying it. Welcome to your new home!

    Technology sometimes complicates your life, it's good to explore new things but to keep something going for a long time simplicity is the best way to go about it.

    I'm glad to hear that you're happily heading back home. For 2009 I want to re-shape my contacts, search for people with similar interests and generate meaningful connections; I need to focus on what me and my learners need and see if there is someone else willing to share.

    For me you have always been a shining star to look up to. I wish you all the best for 2009.

  6. Hi Carla,
    I support your decision to change your blogging platform. I know Bloxi too and despite Gary's efforts it doesn't make things easier. I used Bloxio with my students last year and I must admit it was a mistake. All the bugs and little flexibility complicating too much.
    I wish you all the best back in Brazil.

  7. @Maru I totally agree with you that we need to keep things simple, and that's why I'm moving to this new space. Also, because I like change! I think your objective of reshaping your connections is a great one. How do you plan to do that?

    @João Thanks. It's true what you say. Gary has always been a fantastic supporter. So many times he found solutions for my queries, added new features that I asked for. However, I still struggled taking much more time to blog than I could afford, and now that I'm moving back to Brazil, every single moment will count as I'll be back to my hectic lovely life! Plus, I'm really looking for simplicity, what works in the easiest way. I think it will make a difference in the long run, as I'll probably be able to blog more than I've been able to do lately.

    Thanks, guys, for your support! I feel a relief for I've been struggling for a while deciding what to do. No regrets so far. "I feel good!"

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  9. Dear Carla...
    I really loved your new place and I also love the idea of making things simple. This is quite challenging for me but I'll try to follow your model (again). As a Gemini I tend to be surrounded by so many things and ever since I started into this digital world you know how "crazy" I have been many times. Yesterday I read from this role model of mine (her name is Denise and she teaches at a BiNational center in Goiânia)that she is coming back to Franca and will probably join us at CCBEU. Now I read (I already knew) you are really on your way back home - IDK - I take it to a personal level and feel really happy. I really hope we keep this interaction "for ever" in cyberspace and now in real life as well. You have always been an inspiration. Be very welcome back! To quote a beautiful song "Happy Days are here again..." Kisses....

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  11. @Gilmar I can't wait to meet you in person! We're already connected and I'm sure that with your new position at Franca, we'll be able to take our connections to another level. Start thinking of collaboration between our students. Let's make 2009 the year of an "exploratorium" of collaborative endeavors to enrich our learners' experiences.

  12. Carla...
    It'll be sheer pleasure and I'm sure we'll have a lot to share. I've already thought about some stuff and I'll let you know. Hope to see you soon.

  13. wow, Gilmar. I can't wait to hear more about what you have in mind. I'm sure it will be exciting :-)

  14. Hi Carla!
    I wish you a happy new blogging in your new "home-blog" and a great return to Brazil!
    I'm trying to come back on line after some months, due to personal issues,and I just found great encouragement while reading your post about"Edublogging with Passion".
    Saudades do país irmão.


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