Monday, December 29, 2008

Carpe Diem


As we prepare for a New Year, which can be any time you decide it to be, not the 1st of January, but any time you decide to seize your day - It could even be a single New Day - appropriate yourself of your own time, make every minute count for you, for your life, for the ones around you. Make a small difference that might have a big impact in someone or in many.

Seize the day, the hour. Carpe Diem.


  1. Carla, you are very inspirational today and everyday. Keep on keeping on. Your Maine friend.

  2. Dear Cheryl,

    After some down time from the computer and wonderful xmas season - my last here in Key West - with my family, I've re-energized, reinvigorated for the new challenges and am inspired by every soul in my network. It's all about adding value and gaining from it, right?

    Have fun skiing and enjoy your New Year's!

    We'll keep moving!

  3. Thanks for your message to me brimming with ginga and caipirinha on the occasion of one of my special days. Your blog is brimming with enthusiasm, as you are, and I guess we're just going to have to follow you back to Brasilia now. That will be a great place to be when you get back there. I'm sure your friends are looking forward to your return, and some of your colleagues don't know what's in store for them! Heads up out there, cyclone moving in from Florida!!


  4. Dear Vance, as I mentioned to you, I'm the one who's thankful for being surrounded of very special ones, in my daily life, be it f2f or online.

    Yes, now back to Brasilia. We're getting there pretty soon. We not only have to think outside the box, but also about the boxes that are everywhere! Hehehe. I hope I can take some hurricane strength to Brasilia and shake it up a bit!

  5. Dear Carla...
    It's nice to have you back (??) in cyberspace and pretty soon back to our country. Thank you for everything you've been sharing. I love this idea of starting, restarting every day, any time as long as we are really committed to effective change. Hope to see you soon.


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