Saturday, October 24, 2009

WooHoo! Surfing Google Wave

The wave is huge, here to stay and to change the way we communicate. I was glued from the start. when I got there, of course there was a Webhead Wave! More than expected from this wonderful group of international educators who are always taking the lead when it comes to what's emergent, new...I had a lot of fun talking to my Webhead friends and testing things around.

Google Wave's interface is clean and user-friendly. The drag and drop feature to create a wave with your contacts and to add photos is fantastic. You can see everybody typing in real time and conversations just flow as if you were chatting with friends.

I can see a big wave of change in the way we'll be creating groups, nurturing communities, interacting with our students, and even teaching online. Can't wait to find more about the WAVE.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Rewarding Networks

Yesterday was delightfully exciting. Never have I worked so hard and intensively in different projects for the school I work for and my volunteer work in the communities I'm part of . No complaints. All the effort has been paying off. First, I got to know that our proposal to present in the TESOL international conference. More than being happy that our proposal had been accepted, we were thrilled to know that we will be able to share a bit of what we been doing in terms of language online learning. In fact, we don't want to show what WE are doing, but what our learners are producing, their content, their making sense of the world and the language.

Another highlight of the day was the e-tutoring online training session we are facilitating for the state of São Paulo educators. What an interesting, diverse group that emanates energy and curiosity about the digital possibilities they see ahead. It's a challenging mission because for most of these educators elearning is a totally new experience. However, I can see that they are into this new stage of their professional development. Uplifting.

Visit Online Start

Last but not least, as I was interacting with the participants of the training session late at night, I got to know first hand on twitter that I had won a nice blogging competition proposed by the inspiring Sue Waters. It was a simple task and one that everyone could contribute to create a mosaic of useful blogging tips.

All in all, the lesson of the day was that the best reward is being part of a network, a hyperlinked network of people who share, dare and help put together the pieces of our digital educational world. Thrilling.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Very Talented Co-Workers

Day 273 - Very Talented Co-Workers
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Jazz it up Event. My friends at work, besides being great teachers, are amazingly talented. They sang for a full auditorium of EFL adult students, entertained them, engaged them and told them a bit about the history of jazz. Amazing guys!
I am proud to work with them.

Do you or your co-workers have any special talents? How could you show it to us?