Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cool Tool of the Week - Toon Doo

I've been a fan of Toon Doo creations, but just as a mere spectator of its creative uses mainly for pedagogical purposes.

Above is my little share for a new course I'm designing.

In fact, one very very cool use of Toon Doo was shared with me as part of my friends' final course project in the WebTools4Educators session I was moderating. Students are to create comics to make idioms and phrasal verbs visual!

Lots of ideas are popping up in my mind to use Toon Doo with my teens?

How about you? Have you tested it? Do you have any examples to share? How would you use it?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Valentine Webheads

Originally uploaded by carlaarena

Everybody knows how thankful I am, WE all are to be part of the Webheads, a group of generous educators who are always there for you.

We are in close contact. We meet, we share, we dare.

Here's all my love to my beloved group, the Webheads!

Happy Valentine's!

Love, com Amor.


This heart was produced with http://www.neoformix.com/Projects/WordHearts/


And here's the wonderful Valentine gift Sasa Sirk produced for our Webhead Valentine's celebration.