Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cool Tool of the Week - MoodBox

Because of a Mashable post, I decided to have some fun with the alpha service MoodBox. You draw, doodle, add photos and avatars in different backgrounds to announce to friends how you're feeling.

You have to download a desktop app, but it's pretty straightforward and fast. At this point, you need an invitation to join. I submitted my request to get an invite and when I checked my mailbox, the invitation key was already there.

I had fun with the TV-like screen MoodBox and very quickly designed my mood.

Besides sending your visually-enhanced mood, you can also publish it. Then, it's just a matter of sharing it with the world.

Fun! And I can see great potential of this cool simple tool in the classroom, where kids could represent how they feel and how they are during the day. Besides, this could be an interesting assessment on kids' reaction as an activity follow up. Let's say there's a project they're involved in. Once it's over, the teacher could ask them to visually represent how they felt about the project.

The drawback? Right now Moodbox is only available for PCs.


  1. Carla, thanks for your post! We glad to see our communication idea gains popularity. :)

    Denis Malinovsky, one of MoodBox developers.

  2. Yes, Denis, I had fun playing with MoodBox and will see where it takes us!

  3. Thanks, Carla, if you with to get more MoodBox friends, my MoodBox name is dmalinovsky ;)

    We're also planning to release new version shortly using invaluable feedback we already gathered, so keep watching! :)


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