Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pathways4Collaboration by Dafne Gonzalez

I've just listened to Dafne's slidecast with an overview of her past decade online collaborative experiences. It's just amazing to see how much she has done for her students and for the online communities she's part of. Her talk to the CALL-IS audience in the TESOL convention in Denver proves the reason I've been Dafne's fan and mentee for so long.

Listen to Dafne and get inspired!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Walls Talking


This is a totally simple and engaging project started by a dear Webhead friend, Sasha Sirk. Graffiti is all over, in some cases art, others vandalism. So, this project has the basic purpose of making a digital wall of graffiti around the globe, but from the beginning, I can see it will have a much wider scope and deeper meanings will surface. I can see discussions about cultural issues, historic background, art, vandalism, semantics, life.

I´m totally excited to be part of it, and have already invited my students to join me. Let´s see where it takes us. Before Sashsa started, I had already been taking some photos of graffiti in Brasilia. Perfect momentum for joining Sasha.

How about you? Why don´t you give it a try and start taking a look at your city with a different perspective and augmented lens?

For more information about the project, access Listen to the Walls.