Sunday, January 16, 2011

10 Things You Should Know About Blogging

Though I'm late, it is never too late.
As being back to consistency in my blog is a desirable and attainable goal for 2011, I'll follow the Teacher Challenge and kickstart it with the ten things I've learned and wished all bloggers knew about blogging.


1. You never know how your posts will affect readers. Even when they don't comment, you can be assured that there are people out there who care about what you are writing and saying.

2. At first, blogging can feel like a lonely endeavor, but it is not. It is a networking weaver, a reflective step towards your personal and professional life. Through blogging, you connect to yourself and to others.

3. Blogging raises awareness. It empowers. It asks for movement.

4. Through blogging you'll look into yourself and find out what your passions and drives are. Never miss the chance to do it.

5. The three main things I love to blog about is education, gastronomy and culture/people. All that using lots of images, my own images. Does that give a clue of what my passions are?

6. Blogging is not the act of writing. It is all about reading, thinking, connecting, commenting, joining in. Blogging cannot be summarized into your own blogging, but a whole networking ecology that comes with it. In fact, writing is just part of this ecosystem.

7. Blogging is addictive and transformative. That's why I have a personal mission of helping others blog as much as I can. Blogging can change the world, our world. Believe me, I've seen it.

8. There is no formula in blogging if you are passionate about it. No constraints. No right or wrong.

9. Blogging is an open-ended endeavor waiting for new possibilities, opportunities and twists.

10. I still have a lot to learn about blogging...


  1. Wow! Carla What a great post! You have given so many reasons to blog and dispelled many excuses that hinder people from blogging or posting frequently. There are some great tips here. Love your start up image at the top of the post.
    Welcome to the challenge and look forward to reading more from you.

  2. Dear Murcha, I'm glad you realized my point. There are no excuses for blogging! People might come with a thousand, but, in fact, the positive side of it overshadows the hurdles we face. Great to connect with you and I'm super glad to have joined the challenge. Refreshing!

  3. I really liked all the things you shared about blogging! I agree that blogging connects you to others and that it can be transformative! Thanks for sharing!! :) --Jee Young

  4. True! I think one of the biggest effects on blogging is on the blogger. We become much more reflective, we see the world through different lenses, we become better human beings and professionals. We commit.

  5. Nice post, Carla. I've let my two personal blogs slide lately. Maybe I will take a deep breath and recommence. It is not too late.

  6. Never too late, Nina! I remember enjoying reading your book review blog. An excellent source. And this is one thing I forgot to mention what I learned about blogging, it is Ok to give a break.

  7. Hi Carla

    I'm just starting a personal blog and you have really inspired me with this post! I love the way you have described blogging as being part of an ecosystem. I also write out Library blog so I hope I can be fair to both!

    Kim :)

  8. Dear Kim,

    I'm glad you found it useful. If you ever need any support, I'd be more than glad to help you out in this start. And, yes, blogging is part of a bigger networking ecosystem. Cheers.

  9. I love your post Carla. When I read the 'network weaver' I imagined us all as interesting creatures exploring an alternative ecosystem. Oh dear! I think it might be time for a cup of tea. Thanks Oona

  10. Love it, love it, love it! And your name is Carla which scores extra points with me ;)! It's great to read something motivational and positive. Someone who is embracing technology and is willing to support and share it with others. Fabulous!

  11. Dear Oona and Karla,

    Exciting to see your excitement. What I wrote is exactly how I feel about blogging. It is networking, passion, inspiration, connecting just like we are doing here. Thanks for stopping by.

  12. Hi Carla,

    Absolutely love this posting on blogging, especially how you you referred to blogging as an ecosystem. Actually, I really like everything in your blog - thank you so much for sharing!

  13. Dear Ana Cristina,

    It's always uplifting to get such feedback. Thanks!

  14. Hi Carla,
    Thanks for sharing these thoughts. I'm trying to convince some community educators in my area about the usefulness of blogging and your post is a great help.

    Many thanks from a wee place in Scotland.


  15. Thank you for the advice. I am new to doing my own blogging, though not to the practice or concept, so every little piece of advice that keeps me from sucking the life out of the blogasaphere is appreciated

  16. Dear Sheila,

    I'm glad you found it useful and if there's any way I can help you with, let me know. There's one post of mine that you might find useful "blogging with passion".

    Scott, so what are your blogging goals? What made you decide blogging?

  17. Great post! I will be giving a workshop on blogging and I'd love to share this. It makes blogging 'non-threatening'. For some, there is this perception that everything has to be perfect - and you are right - there are no right or wrongs. One just has to find what works for them!

    Thanks for sharing!

  18. Hi Carla, Thanks for sharing! I just jumped into blogging with my first post up yesterday and am looking forward to the reflective journey. I appreciate your thoughts that remind me that I am one of the principle members of the audience as blogging will help me to reflect on my passions. As I am about to change schools and districts and begin a new principalship this is the perfect time for my blogging journey to begin! Thanks again,

  19. Dear Nancy, please do share and give me some feedback on how it went. Look, if I can be of any help, let me know. I'd be more than glad to encourage your co-workers to join in.

    @Julie. You're right blogging is first a reflection on our own passions, and the fact that you are changing environments is just a great start! In fact, when I moved back to Brazil, I change blogs and I think it was a wise move. Thanks for sharing your own reality and perspective with us.

  20. Hey, Carla!

    Thanks for continuing to inspire educational bloggers everywhere. I love the perspectives you provide in points one and six. In fact, I feel I learn something useful every time I read one of your posts.

    The present I'm taking home this time is LinkWithin. I've already shared it on to another ecosystem.

    Cheers, Paul

  21. Dear Paul,

    Long time, no see! How are things? I'm glad things I say still have some usefulness. LOL
    Linkwithing is certainly a nice plugging.

    What are you up to these days?

  22. Dear Carla,

    No see, always listening, appreciatively, as you suggested in point one.

    It is a pleasure to follow your endeavours on LinkedIn or … (another network to which you may have introduced me), even without responding.

    I'm up to the usual little good, busting my tail online:

    + promoting blogging among students of EAL, and
    + doing a bit of blogging, myself; . . .;

    when I should be connecting with people in my periphery.

    Nevertheless, it is an everlasting pleasure to hear from you.

    Cheers, Paul

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