Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Summer Makeover

In Brazil, before it is summer time, people start preparing for it. Gyms get packed. We try the latest diet, we go on a bikini project. Well, it is summer in the southern hemisphere and my makeover has just started!

Time to take a closer look at what has been taken for granted for a while. As the teacher challenge advances, I keep checking blogs, commenting and learning that there is always a lot to learn about blogging and the blogosphere. Here's my take on the the pages makeover, or must, I say, creation? For, when I decided to move my other blog in a wordpress platform to blogger in the direction of simplifying the blogging act, I simply ignored the pages feature in Blogger. I had a profile text that didn't tell the readers much about me, who I am, my drives, what I do. So, this was my chance, first to learn how to use the Pages feature. Then, to carefully built upon useful content for the readers. It was well-worth spend the whole morning on the summer makeover project.

Some of the highlights were:
  • bumping into Photovisi, shared by Kirby. Photovisi gave the looks I needed to my About Page. I could easily create a photo collage to give a better sense of who I really was. Plus, her About Page was one of a very creative touch that shows how enticing it can be.
  • Joe Mcleay's idea of having a lifechanging links page gave me the idea of an Inspiration Page.
  • There was also another blogger who totally called my attention. She confessed having a boring About page and even posted how it looked before. The new one is just an incredible lively upgrade. Now, we can really see who she is, her passion, her life. Totally exciting Page now. So many places I've been to that I can't get hold of the blog, but will!
All in all, this is a reflective process of making a visual revamp that will certainly affect content and give meaning to what I've been doing for so long. It is a call for action, movement. Plus, it is a plead to make us reflect upon our professional lives and our persona.

I gladly present my three new Pages!

Always a work in progress as it always is our Brazilian Summer Makeover...


  1. Carla, You learn, I learn... Great connected world!

  2. I found your post via the Teacher Challenge! I love that this challenge is giving us an opportunity to connect with other teachers all over the world. I really like your post and I am very curious, how in the world did you get pages added to blogger? I have the same format but could not figure it out. The only way I was able to add an about me section was just at the top as a type of widget. Can you possibly comment on one of my post to let me know how you did it? That would be extremely helpful! Thanks in advance!


  3. By the way...I love the Human Calendar! Is that something that you and friends created or from someone else?

  4. Dear Tabitha, I'm glad to connect with you here. Look, to add the page, go to add widget>>>add page>>>then, new post. You'll see the pages part there. You can add up to 10 static pages. The layout is organized automatically.

    As for the human calendar, I got it from the human calendar site and added the widget on the sidebar.

  5. I'm also reading posts as a part of the Teacher's Challenge. I was very excited to read your About page and see the project you are working on titled Pocket Cultures. I am a music teacher in Bayonne,
    New Jersey and my band's curricular focus for this year is multi-cultural music. We're studying the music and instruments from different countries and cultures and I'd love to learn more about your Pocket Cultures project. Any advice or help you could give would be really appreciated.

    My dream last year was to have the kids reach out to discuss music with other kids from around the globe, and maybe do an exchange concert via skype, but it's been very difficult finding a school ensemble that has it's students blogging! Your project looked interesting and I thought it might fit into my own curriculum for this year. I'll be sure to use the links to Brazilian music when my band begins to study William Rhoades' Brazilian Folk Dance Suite!

  6. This is exciting, Serge! Well, for Pocketcultures, I write about Brazilian culture in general, and wrote two posts specifically about music. I still plan to write more about Brazilian music, as there is such a regional richness in this area.

    I don't know William Rhaodes, but if there's anything I can do to help you out, let me know. I'd be more than glad to collaborate with you and your students.


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