Monday, November 15, 2010

Creative Commons - Use it, Reuse it and Remix it!

Interesting to notice that there is still this common belief among people that if it is online and it shows in Google, you can use it! No problem with copyright, whatsoever.

I'm glad, though, that more and more, as part of a movement towards digital literacy, Creative Commons is becoming more of a common word. At least, that's what we try to do, make students and educators conscious of the importance of giving credit to the author of an artifact. Not an easy task, but each one of us who learn about it, should tell it at least to another person initiating a movement pro-Creative Commons. Is there an easy and more professional-look than Flickr Creative Commons? Flickr is, by far, my favorite place to search for Creative Commons licensed photos.

Funny that I've been writing about it in the eTutors course at Casa Thomas Jefferson, and I just came across two wonderful resources to take presentations to another level:
Sheryll Terrel's post
and this very informative presentation by Esther Wojicicki:

By the way, this is a presentation in the Global Education Conference, worth taking a peak!!/search/globaled10

So, the next time you present, go for Creative Commons and spread the word about it.


  1. I don't belive in coincidences, do you? But... What about when a photo on flickr offers you to blog it? If this is the case, is it ok to use it for educational purposes?

  2. Well, no coincidences! I guess it is a powerful network! Great question, Dani. In this case, my policy has been to send a Flickr message to the author asking for authorization. It generally works.

  3. This is a common misconception! Especially with students. Creative Commons is a great way to search!

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