Thursday, June 2, 2011

CALICO Conference - A Wealth of Information for Language Educators

CALICO, The Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium, has had its Conference in Victoria, Canada. Though I'd love to have attended it, there's no way we can be omnipresent when we have our professional commitments, time and budget constraints. However, all of this doesn't seem to be plausible excuses anymore when the Conferences can be at the tip of your fingers.

I'm truly delighted to see the recording efforts of the CALICO organizers to keep the audio/video archive of presentations, special thanks to Marc Siskin, who has done an incredible job of putting all together for us who, at first sight, could be seen as a far-reaching audience.

All the resources are available at

I've just spent some time now exploring some of the sessions. Don't miss this opportunity to keep yourself updated in the latest trends and discussions on language learning, SLA, research, elearning, and beyond.

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