Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Featured Blog - If the Ship Sinks, We Have the Survival Kit!

I've known these creative minds for some time now, and they are just pure inspiration. Vinicius, Marina and Vânia are very talented teachers whom I'm lucky enough to have been working with for a number of years. They are tireless, fearless educators who inspire others and keep their students engaged through activities that enhance students' creativity, critical skills and willingness to speak English in a light-hearted, warm learning environment.

After having presented their brilliant ideas in International Conference, they've become bloggers with simple, but very effective activities for the classroom.

Take a snapshot of this balloon activity, for example:

or the Name Six activity.

Simple and brilliant, isn't it?

Every week, a new activity for you to test in your classroom.
Thanks, Marina, Vini and Vânia, for being so generous with our educational community.


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