Sunday, March 31, 2013

Filtering Relevant Information for the EFL Classroom through Digital Curation

This is the time of the year that I get totally thrilled. Convention time. IATEFL, Liverpool. Promising. My second time in one of the best EFL teaching conferences in the world with wonderful professionals willing to share best practices, research, classroom ideas that can really make a difference in our classrooms.

I'm pleased to be presenting about a topic that has been dear to my heart for the past years, and now I've been exploring its many facets more in depth, Content Curation. Though I've presented it twice, I've revamped it a bit, not its essence but some interesting tools I've been using lately. So, if you are around Liverpool, why not joining us for a chat about how to make sense of this world where information more than abounds?

   Any curatorial tools that you've been using lately that you think have made a difference in your efficiency and productivity as an educator? I'd love to hear about it.

My latest experiments have been with . Still finding my way around, but enjoying playing around with it.

Here is some background on digital curation that you might find useful:

Here's Graham Stanley's summary of the presentation: Graham's summary


  1. Looking forward to watching it, Carla! This time, thank goodness, we won´t be presenting at the same time.

  2. I've only just started taking curation seriously:

    I'll be attempting to participate online from Indonesia as an official blogger and look forward to your session.

  3. I can surely see the importance of curation for us teachers! As you know, I'm only beginning to use some of your ideas, but I can already see how far and fast we can go once we understand the importance of curation. You'll surely have a very large audience in Leverpol, Carla. Good luck!
    Eneida Coaracy

  4. Thanks, Eneida, for your support. And it is great to hear that you realize how important the idea of curation is for educators.

  5. Filtering Relevant Information is so important. It save so much time. Filtering Information for the EFL Classroom through Digital Curation is very helpful. Thanks for sharing this tip with us. Now it's time to avail water bottle for more information.


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