Thursday, November 1, 2012

On the Ed Tech Radar - Online Moderation

I've just had a very enjoyable time, looking through resources and exploring, a powerful curatorial tool for educators. It is like "Pinterest for Educators", but the layout is cleaner and it has more sharing capability. Plus, it can become a very interesting way to encourage students' autonomy, giving them choice to go through the resources in a linear or non-linear way. The comment feature can also be used for threaded discussions on a certain topic. Added to all that, you can also have a collaborative board in which all the members share their resources.

What a digital treasure this is!

And here's a board you might find useful. It is about Online Moderation (loved the embed code!)

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  1. Great tool , dear Carla, many thanks for sharing it

    I love Pinterest but this looks like a great addition to a great range of curation tools.

    See you soon online!


  2. I also love Pinterest, Marisa, but can see the educational potential of Learnist. Enjoying the exploration over there!

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