Sunday, August 26, 2012

Thinking and Re-imagining Education

This video is a call. A call for reflection and action.

 I agree with much that it is said, but we need to find a balanced view to education. It is not just moving from a controlled, Prussian model of education to an utopian school. We can achieve student engagement, motivation and passion for learning depending on the way we view your pedagogical role as an educator, but there is no one way, but many possibilities if we think of approaches to our classes that tap into the challenge of giving support to our students to develop their competencies that are essential ones for their lives now and in the near future, like creativity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking. Let us help our students connect, dialogue, question, learn and direct their learning efforts throughout their lives. 

My call is for passion and connection. This video is a shaker in the sense of giving us a broad view of what happens in many schools around the globe. It is worth watching it as a starting point for re-imagining our classes. And, yes, this is how change happens, from the small movement we make within our own classes.


  1. I watched the first 7 min of the video and felt bad. When is something going to be done? I have wanted change since I started grade 1 and that was a long time ago. Why are things not changing as rapidly as technology is? Life outside of school is light years away from what it is in school. Enough is enough!!

  2. I think that the last 7 minutes of the film, Nellie, brings hope, talks about possibilities. Of course, we need to find balance. I can see some movement for change, but it is still in restricted circles. I guess we need to do our part and try to make a difference. It all starts from our very little acts.


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