Sunday, April 22, 2012

What do you LOVE

Use Google app What do you Love to check for information and resources in a very visual way.
You get the results from a variety of Google sources, which is helpful for you to see what is out there in terms of videos, images, books, all different resources.

Have you ever tried What do you LOVE?

Some ideas for the classroom to encourage critical thinking:

Ask your students to look for information on a certain topic. let's say "World Population". 
First, this is a good chance to teach students a bit on how to better search on a certain topic. 
Then, ask them to analyze the results they got: 
  • What are the main trends?
  • What are people talking about in relation to this topic?
  • What do the images tell you about the topic?
  • Find one video that is really powerful
  • Which book would you read about this topic? Why?
  • State 5 interesting findings you had on the topic because of your search results. 
  • Is there something that was not shown in the search results that you find really relevant to the topic?
One follow up task would be for students to build a webpage with their main findings and thoughts.
They could use a wiki page, a blog post, Linoit, Popplet or any other authoring tool to explore the subject.

Any other ideas for What do you LOVE?

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