Friday, December 2, 2011

mLearning - from Apes to Apps 2

The mLearning course at the Consultants-e is in full steam.

ssoosay Wishes you a Happy Mindfulness Day 12/09/11One of the highlights of the week is Gavin's video of some exciting iPad apps. I do agree with Gavin that real apps, not the ones specifically created for education, are much more exciting and full of potential in the classroom. It seems that publishers and app developers in the educational field are too far apart from what really makes apps an amazing tool for learning. Most of the educational apps lack flame, the alluring possibilities of the touch technologies. This market should really look into the apps kids love, the highly popular games and apps to give them clues to what really makes a difference when developing an app.

In my opinion, Flipboard is still one of the apps that makes use of the capabilities of the iPad to its fullest. Love it. Now, need to explore some that Gavin mentioned. How about you? Which app is your favorite? Which one would you like to give it a try with your students?

Here are the apps Gavin mentions:

strip designer
Slide by slide
iGeopix (Flickr Creative Commons and Google Maps)
Cork (sticky notes)
art authority
Monet HD
Articles for iPad
Shakespeare Pro
Star Walk for iPad
The World Factbook for iPad
wikihood plus for ipad
underscore notify
Pages, Numbers and Keynote
Goodreader for ipad

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