Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Learning English with Comic Strips

I've always told my students that comics are a great way to learn about language structures and it's current use, for they:

  • are visually appealing

  • provide the student with comprehensible input

  • are fun and engaging

  • deal with language used in our daily lives

  • give the students a sense of accomplishment as the are able to figure out language from context and images

  • Today, I've just come across this fantastic site with all kinds of phrasal verbs in comic-like format. Learning English with Comics is a great way to practice an introduce new phrasal verbs to your students. It can be done in short bits, it provides context, and it gives tons of examples. Plus, the visuals are clean and clear. I'm sure students will love to practice English with those comic strips!

    Learn English with Comic Strips


    1. Hi Carla

      Thanks for sharing Learn English with Comic Strips! I like this site as it's very visual and provides a fun way to learn phrasal verbs! Hope you don't mind I have just added it to my Scoop.it comics and cartoons site.

      Best wishes


    2. Of course, I don't mind, Janet! The idea is really for us to share what is useful for our learners.

    3. Hi Carla,

      Thanks, as always, for sharing your findings.

      I was really keen to check out the comic strip site, but found the link in your post didn't work. I believe you meant to point out:


      Now that I've tracked down the site, I can hardly wait to share it with students I teach!

      Cheers, Paul

    4. Thanks, Paul, for pointing it out! And can't wait to hear more about the results with your students.

    5. Well, Carla, I've shared pointers with students on one site, and your remarks about results helped me think of others. The first telltale to flutter, I imagine, would be in the Traffic Sources stat's on the Learn English with Comics blog.

    6. Very interesting tips. I hope I will speak fluently soon


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