Thursday, August 4, 2011

RSCON 3 - Professional Development in Pajamas

Last week, we had the wonderful Online conference - the "Reform Symposium". I was delighted to have presented there, as there were so many talented educators presenting. Truly an honor.

As much as I wanted to be there 24/7 for the three inspiring days of the free online professional development opportunity, I couldn't because it was the first weekend I was with my two little ones after three long weeks they were traveling to their grandparents' house. So, it meant that I missed the chance to watch the presentations live, but, as in the year before, I knew there would be recordings of the presentations and I could catch up later on, even if I knew it was a different, more lonely experience than being there live, listening, commenting, asking questions and networking. A choice to be with the family, some sacrifice.

Now, I'm glad to know that the recordings are already being made available by the wonderful team of the Reform Symposium organizers. You can still watch the sessions in a spirit of "professional development in pajamas", fun, open, with no time or place constraints.

You just need to access 

Many of the resources can also be found online at 
RSCON3 Social Media Storify

No excuses, then, to be inspired and do things even better in your classroom.


  1. Thanks Carla for your reflection, it was similar to mine, love the part with pyjamas. I think I've read the comment on twitter I don't remember if it was yours, about attending RSCON3 in pyjamas. I think that sentences described the essence of trying to be a part of RSCON3. I was also moving my laptop around the house while cooking lunch, dinner and trying to participate. But, as you said, family is family, we have to make sacrifices! BTW, love your blog desing, same as mine! :)))

  2. Dear Marjana,

    I loved to read your reflections in your blog post and all your craziness during the weekend! I still remember when I attended the first online conference...

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