Wednesday, July 6, 2011

365 Photos - Telling a Story

Photos are snapshots of a flash of a moment that will never happen again. They freezes time, space, people. They tell a story. They keep memories alive.

Since 2009 I've been part of this wonderful group of passion-driven people, educators, amateurs who take their time every day to share a snapshot, that frozen moment of their days with the community. When I started, the group had more than a 100 people. Now, there are more than 600 and growing.

In 365 photos Flickr group, we connect, we take photos, we share, we talk, we appreciate. It's beauty in essence, that captured moment from different parts of the world, a mosaic of lives.

This week, I got an email from Kathy, one of the persons in the group who has always shared and talked back. There was always a kind comment, a personal touch she'd give to my own photos. Because of a workshop she was taking on digital storytelling, she produced this very powerful, touching story made of the community's stories and her own:

I replied to Kathy:

"Dear Kathy, I feel totally touched to see our story made yours, to listen to your voice for the first time.

I've been faithful with the community for a while, but this year I thought I couldn't live up to it because I missed some days. I stopped, but now you made me realize it really doesn't matter, for what I long for is the connections I had established in the group. Our stories. Our fragments of stories. So, even if I have a fragmented collection this year, no problem, there's no punishment, except for my own. I'll get back there and start posting my photos as if this were the first day of the year.

Thanks for such a wonderful story. It is touching. It gets to our hearts, the stops, the music, the transitions, the images. They all matter in the story construction.

You made my day."

I started sharing my photos again. Kathy reminded me why I've decided to be part of this community in the first place. I'm back. I want to feel alive. I want to look around with other perspective. I want to give me some time of the day to appreciate what surrounds me. I want to connect. I want to see what others around the globe care about.

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