Sunday, April 10, 2011

Animal Zooburst

I've just seen my 8-year-old son spend a long time focused, enjoying himself and practicing a lot of English. He found out how to search for the animals he wanted to include in his digital 3D book, he asked questions, he wrote, he made choices, he practiced, he enjoyed himself, he learned. And it was a very simple activity of creating a 3D book with Zooburst.

His English teacher knows how to explore the little ones' interests in engaging ways. It doesn't take much, but simply eyes wide open on the part of the educator and the willingness to keep learning and finding exciting resources for our digital kids.

Here's the result of our forest creation with wild animals:


  1. Carla, this is amazing!! Loved it!!! Congrats to your son!

    The crazy read head girl!

  2. Hi Carla,

    Two other sites which you may want to look at are Walk on the Wild Side and ArtisanCam - both are so great with young learners.

    Loved the video of your son's Zooburst!

  3. Random question: I can't seem to get the human calendar posted to my blog here on blogspot. It told me the HTML that I copied was bad. I noticed that you had it, too. Do you remember where you pasted in the HTML to make it work?

    Also, I'm a 2nd grade teacher and I LOVE Zooburst. You might also show your son They get to make their own movie. It's a pretty fun website and it's easy to use.

  4. Humm, Michele. I remember having to do some tweaks but mainly related to the size. I guess I just added an html widget at the time for th calendar.

    Thanks for the tip on Zimmertiwns. It is a great reminder as it has been some time now that I haven't used it. Have you tried dVolver? Kids love it and no need to register.

  5. Carla,
    Nice blog. I came to visit because you are on the blogroll of Karla O at the DramaTeachersNetwork blog.

    I really liked your son's ZooBurst story. I can imagine that is an excellent way to learn English. I signed up for an account as soon as I saw his 3-D book. My students will love it! Has he also tried


  6. Dear Denise,

    I'm sure your students will love it! Let me know how things go for you and if you want to share their production with us, I could leave them comments.

    My son hasn't tried kerpoof . Will give it a try this week and let you know what he thinks. Have you tried dvolver?


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