Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happiness is...

I have a smile on my face, cheerful and totally happy, as I wrap up my guest post of  a Day in a Sentence. Happiness is certainly to bring people and thoughts together that represent meaning, dreams, ideals. That's exactly what we get every week from Bonnie Kaplan's guest posts.

happy jumping girl

From our readers' comments, I realize that again and again happiness comes from the simplest things in life. It doesn't take much. It can be the sight of a bird and you can find it anywhere. It is volatile, it is unpredictable, but it is always there!

Thanks to everybody who shared a bit of happiness with us!

I am passionately happy when I am with my nieces and nephews! They give me tremendous joy! Is it any wonder I teach kindergarten and enjoy young faces all day? But when I go to the core of my happiness, it's really about feeling peace. That is what I pray for. With peace in my whole being, I am happy all day and with everyone I meet. Gail

I think David Crowder sums it up best for me when he sings "Oh happiness, there is grace enough for us, for the whole human race." Alicia

Like I tell my hormone-riddled, chock-full-of-drama students, "Happiness is a choice. Choose well."
Happiness is sharing a smile.
Happiness motto: Engage Me!
Happiness is spending time with family, holidaying, enjoying a sunny day, having a successful lesson but most of all enjoying every minute of every day, even the bad times. There is always something to smile about.
A glorious sunset, a sudden burst of bird flight, the scent of violets wafting on a spring breeze fill me with a healing sort of happiness. Lynn
Happiness is: What's coming just over that hill, around that corner, under that rock?
Let us keep cultivating moments, relationships, attitudes that truly make the difference and make us happy beings.

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