Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Planning Instruction - Don't Forget the Basic Principles

Still on the topic on how to stomp our classes, this video from Dr. David Merrill is a reminder of what we really need to have effective instruction. With three basic principles, we can stomp it, but sometimes it seems we just forget it...

I'm taking a very nice course on Instructional Design with professor Régis Tractenberg and revisiting instructional design is always a good reminder of basic aspects of teaching and learning that we sometimes take it for granted.
How well have we been applying the principles Dr. Merrill presents in our classroom instruction?


  1. I think we can get so stuck in focusing on the details of instructional design, that we forget the basics and in the end lose the true goals of the learning. Great reminders for everyone!

  2. Very nice video with truly important reminders. For instance, good and real instruction is the key to real learning takes place.
    thank you so much for sharing...
    Claudio Mattos - elt professional, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.

  3. Dear Mrs. Tenkely and Claudio, I'm glad you found the video interesting and useful. It really touches on the basics of good instruction.


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