Friday, July 9, 2010

My Top 10 + some Tools in 2010 and the Lamest of the Year

Jane Hart is building her annual Top 100 Tools for Learning list based on the contributions of learning professionals worldwide. 

As I'm preparing myself for the Braz-TESOL presentation exactly about learning tools that might be useful for language educators, this is the perfect time for reflection and sharing. 

There's nothing brand new about my list, but really the tools that make a difference in my routine and in the daily tasks of my co-workers and network connections. 

So, my choices are based on the power to connect to others or to ideas, user-friendliness, learning effectiveness, and frequency of use.

I'd also add some other tools that are essential for me as an educator, teacher trainer and presenter:

To connect to others, to meet online with your classroom 
To make word clouds

To edit your photos

To present and connect to others online
To present and connect to others online - free tool

To share photos, videos and make cool presentation

To make bulletin boards, to discuss a subject, to add a mosaic of perspectives
Google Apps

Use them all for different purposes!

To make an online scrapbook
To organize thoughts into maps 

I thought it would be really interesting to point out to the ones out:

My choice of the Year for for the lamest tool of 2010 would go for Ning because of their disrespect to educators and how they approached their commercial ideals. This was a tool that I used to love, but has caused many inconveniences for me in terms of time and content retrieval.

What would be your list? How different would it be from this one?
What is the lamest techtool of the year?
It would be great to make it even bigger and more useful for others.


  1. I agree with your LAMEST tool of 2010! I feel ripped off by Ning.

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