Saturday, October 24, 2009

WooHoo! Surfing Google Wave

The wave is huge, here to stay and to change the way we communicate. I was glued from the start. when I got there, of course there was a Webhead Wave! More than expected from this wonderful group of international educators who are always taking the lead when it comes to what's emergent, new...I had a lot of fun talking to my Webhead friends and testing things around.

Google Wave's interface is clean and user-friendly. The drag and drop feature to create a wave with your contacts and to add photos is fantastic. You can see everybody typing in real time and conversations just flow as if you were chatting with friends.

I can see a big wave of change in the way we'll be creating groups, nurturing communities, interacting with our students, and even teaching online. Can't wait to find more about the WAVE.


  1. How did you manage to get an invitation to use Google Wave. You are so efficient, Carla. Congrats.

  2. Hey, Luiz, I asked for an invitation on the day I watched that long video about it. I think Google realized I like new stuf :-)! Well, will invite you, OK? It takes a while to get the invitation, but we'll connect there. It is a looot of fun!

  3. I cannot wait to get my invitation (have just sent a request). It must be great to use it!

  4. Hey, Wallace. It is really great and I do hope you get an invitation. If I get more from Google, I´ll add you to my list.

  5. I think this has potential for teachers too :) I just posted about it on my blog a couple days ago (I'm running a 12 Days of Christmas theme where I present a new free resource every day for 12 days). If there are still any second/foreign language educators out there who need an invitation, they can drop by my post to see about getting an invitation, though those are easier to come by now than when you originally wrote this. :)

    I've just finally remembered to change your blog to the current address in my blogroll! Oops! All fixed now though.


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