Friday, March 20, 2009

Walls Talking


This is a totally simple and engaging project started by a dear Webhead friend, Sasha Sirk. Graffiti is all over, in some cases art, others vandalism. So, this project has the basic purpose of making a digital wall of graffiti around the globe, but from the beginning, I can see it will have a much wider scope and deeper meanings will surface. I can see discussions about cultural issues, historic background, art, vandalism, semantics, life.

I´m totally excited to be part of it, and have already invited my students to join me. Let´s see where it takes us. Before Sashsa started, I had already been taking some photos of graffiti in Brasilia. Perfect momentum for joining Sasha.

How about you? Why don´t you give it a try and start taking a look at your city with a different perspective and augmented lens?

For more information about the project, access Listen to the Walls.


  1. Hey Carla,
    so happy you are around. Love your discussion ideas. :-) I'm introducing the project to my adult class Monday. We'll se how they respond.

  2. So, Sasha, are your students engaging in the graffiti project? Could you make it integral part of your syllabus or do you intend to make it as an extra? I'm planning to take more pictures around town. Yesterday, I was with my husband in the university we studied at and I found a nice one that I'll share today with the group.

  3. It's a very nice one, thanks Carla. :-)
    My students are not quite engaging (yet) but Rita's are – they have posted a number of photos and comments to the site, there some other contributors too.
    Many contributed graffiti are wonderful departure points for interesting discussions - I started collecting ideas linked to individual images in the wiki here (feel free to add yours) and will ask my students to respond by writing a paragraph or two on the topic of their choice and post it in the appropriate comments area on the site. That's my planned step 1 for now.
    I can only make this project integral to some extent, because the group I just got (and will be staying with until mid May only) is an adult part-time group with a very small number of F2F only English classes (these are employed people mostly with families studying in their free time). I hope to at least start some interaction in the comment area for now. Miha added rss feeds for both photos and comments to the site. Nice, isn't it? I thought I'd rather add those to the pageflakes instead of the flickr ones, because there seems to be more interactive activity going on on this site,plus anyone can post comments, there is no need to register or have an account as in Flickr... What do you think?


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