Monday, January 19, 2009

Moving Back to Brazil

Benihana_Japanese Restaurant (12)

Today is my last day in the US. After two years living in paradisaical Key West, I'll be heading back to Brasilia, my hometown, on Tuesday (Inauguration Day!).

I leave my photographic memory here, my shots of Key West, and island that I called home for two years. Very unique, nothing like the rest of the US. I leave with a feeling of mission accomplished, my kids fluent in English, and I having had the chance and time to connect as never before to people around the world, and learn new e-tricks.Connecting,sharing and learning. I now move forward with a better understanding what it means to be a lifelong learner.

Images of Key West


  1. Dear Carla,

    there has been a lot of learning and collaboration. Through your eyes we have been able to appreciate the most wonderful Key West shots. We have also been encouraged and motivated to join your virtual and collaborative world.
    CTJ is lucky and blessed to welcome you back home!
    I hope you, Rodrigo, Dudú, and Caio have a very happy and fun year.
    Maria da Luz, Vinícius and Rogério

  2. Dear Maria,

    Thanks for your warm words, and I certainly learned a lot with you while I was in Key West, and way before, every day in the teacher's room. We're happy, having fun and organizing ourselves to get back to school, to work, to our place.

    How are things for you? When are you planning to be here with us?



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